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Goalkeeping Programs


Goalkeeping Program Details

Hershey Soccer Club is proud to announce our own in house Goalkeeper training program.  These programs are run year round and hosted by a variety of professional goalkeeper coaches.  

Many clubs have high level trainers for each of their teams, but what about the goalies?  They share the same cost as field players,  but often don’t get training specific to their needs. 

By utilizing these clinic’s, your keepers have a place to get the training they need.  As we all have seen, having a good keeper is like having a good pitcher in baseball.  How important is the Goalie position to your team?

Don't miss out on these great opportunities to improve your skills!

Personal Goalkeeper Training Options

During the summer, the GK Program will be offering individual   training sessions to players who want to continue their training over the summer.

Summer Schedule:  June 14th-July 31st

Sessions will be between 30 to 60 minutes.  Pricing will be discussed during session setup.

Contact Coach Keenan Schaeffer to arrange training sessions.