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My name is Michael Rose, owner of New Wave Sports. I utilize the Premier Athlete Sports Video Analysis Program(Dartfish) available on the market(the same program utilized by Professional & Olympic Athletes).

My Soccer Video Analysis Program allows me to provide an Optimal Video Showcase of a Player's Talent to get noticed by College Coaches, who you choose to send your Video Link.

I have done Team Game Video and/or Player Edited Highlights for:

  • Brett Jankouskas-Harrisburg City Islanders Player(2015-2016)
  • LDC Boys City Islanders 97 Team(ranked #4 in the US in 2015)
  • Lewisburg Boys High School Team(for their Semifinal & Title Games of the PIAA Boys AA State Tournament they won in 2015)
  • 2 Players(Dax Hoffman & Nate Smithers) on the LDC Boys Italia 98 Team(ranked #1 in the US in 2015)




Here is a link( of a Header Goal by Brett Jankouskas(Harrisburg City Islanders) with Stromotion(Cloning of the Ball Flight from his shot to the back of the Net).

4 Goals( Speed applied on the 1st 2 Goals & 50% Speed applied on the last 2 Goals) scored by the Lewisburg Boys Soccer Team in their 2015 PIAA Boys AA State Title Win. An Oval was added on the Goal Scorer in each Video in the above link for about 1/2 of a second when they came into view on the Video, to show the Player ID option that I provide to help College Coaches easily identify the Player at Wider View Video Capture.
Here is a link( to a few of LDC Italia '98 Player, Nate Smithers'(Forward) Soccer Highlights. 2 Goals are showed at Regular & 50% Speed.

Here is a link( to LDC Italia '98 Player, Dax Hoffman's(Defense) Soccer Highlights, that includes his Player Introduction Video.

Below are a few Video Samples with Players(Jimmy Mosca-D, Will Jenkins-F & Isaiah Pettis-GK) on the LDC City Islanders '97 Boys Team with added Breakdown of Key Positions on a few of the Highlights with Zoomed In Views in the first link to showcase Player's Skills. The Rotating Circle Pauses in between Highlights were due to adding Key Positions, but now I am able to add Key Positions so the Video plays as a movie like in the links above, as these Videos below were captured last year.

Defense & Forward(

  • A few of the Videos in the links above include Player ID(Shaded Oval) and a few Zoomed In Videos show 25% or 50% Speed of Game Action & a few Regular Speed Videos include a breakdown of 'Key Positions'.
  • Please Contact me if you need Viewing Instructions for the Videos & Key Positions in the Links above.
Mosca Fight for the Ball 29A-#3A
Mosca Blue Oval 29A
Pettis GK Ave in Traffic #3
Kauffman Game Action Close View #1
  • Game Video will be an Approximate Split of 75%-85% Wider View(for Player interaction among other Players) & 15%-25% Zoomed In View.
  • Game Video on Dartfish TV does not provide Distractions like Game Video Posted on YouTube, as there are no 'Pop Up Ads' or other Videos on the screen, so College Coaches View Your Video Only with complete focus.

*Team Game Video Programs also available with Fee per Game Video Capture. Coaches or a Parent High School Team Booster Club President or Club Team Manager can contact me for further details and Editing Fee Options Email Letter. Parents/Players would be provided with Complete Game(s) and select out Highlights/Plays for me to Edit(including the same options for Oval Player ID, & Key Positions/50% Speed, as described above) & Host. All Parents & Team Coaches will be provided Download Access, so they can have a copy of the game(s).

*Option is now also available for Parents to send their own Captured Game Video from Club Team or High School Games, where you provide your own selected highlights for me to Edit and Host on my New Wave Sports Channel-Dartfish TV website.

*New College Recruiting Letter Program-Please contact me for further Details.

Please contact me( directly for Program Details, Program Fee Options/Payment Policy and to set up a Game time and day for Fall High School Games or State Cup/Tournament Games in the Greater Harrisburg Area, Lancaster, York or other Central PA Area, to capture video to bring your Soccer College Recruiting Outreach Potential to a Higher Level.

*Game Video Highlights also includes Free Permanent Access to my ACL Program(13 Videos with Written Instructions), or Parents/Players just wanting permanent private access to my ACL Program, I make available for a one time $10 Fee.

Thank You,

Michael Rose, MS(University of Pittsburgh)
New Wave Sports Video Analysis Programs