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Travel Tryouts

Spring 17 Travel Tryouts

Wednesday March 29th @ In the Net

5:30-7:00:            U18/19 (2000/1999) Boys and Girls (Only Tryout)

6:30-8:00:            U15Boys (2003),U16 Boys (2002), U17 Boys (2001) (Only Tryout)

Thursday March 30th @ In the Net

5:30-7:00:            U15 Girls (2003)  (First Tryout)

5:30-7:00:            U17 Girls (2001)  (Only Tryout)

7:00-8:30:            U16 Girls (2002) (Only  Tryout)

Sunday April 2nd @ Hershey High School

11:30 - 1:00:        U11 Boys and Girls (2007)  (First Tryout)

1:00 - 2:00:          U8/U9 Boys and Girls (2010*/2009) (First Tryout)

2:00 - 3:30:          U12  Boys and Girls (2006) (First Tryout)

3:30 - 5:00:          U10 Boys and Girls (2008) (First Tryout)

5:00 - 6:30:          U13 Boys and Girls (2005) (First Tryout)

5:00 - 6:30:          U15 Girls (2003) (Second Tryout)

6:30 - 8:00:          U14 Boys and Girls (2004) (First Tryout)

Sunday April 9th @ In the Net

11:30 - 1:00:        U14 Boys and Girls (2004)  (Second Tryout)

1:00 - 2:30:          U13 Boys and Girls (2005) (Second Tryout)

2:30 - 4:00:          U12 Boys and Girls (2006) (Second Tryout)

4:00-5:00:            U8/U9 Boys and Girls (2010*/2009)  (Second Tryout)

5:00 - 6:30:          U10 Boys and Girls (2008) (Second Tryout)

6:30-8:00:            U11 Boys and Girls (2007) (Second Tryout)


Benefits of the Hershey Soccer Club

· Multiple teams at many age groups helps your player find the right team for their personal development. 

· All travel teams have winter indoor field time for training already included in their team fees. 

· Free Goalkeeper training all year long.  Free Speed & Agility every Winter.   Free Small Groups and   special training programs throughout the year. 

· Coaches and Trainers have professional, college, and club level playing and coaching experience. 

· HSC is a community based non-profit club that provides Premier and Travel level soccer teams and      programs for ages U8-U18.  We have needs based scholarships for all of our programs.   

· HSC Provides a platform for players to move onto the collegiate and  even the professional level.  Our NPSL & WPSL minor league teams directly pull players from the Hershey Soccer Club youth system.  



2017-2018 Tryout Age Groups


Born Age Group
Born In 1999 U19
Born In 2000 U18
Born In 2001 U17
Born In 2002 U16
Born In 2003 U15
Born In 2004 U14
Born In 2005 U13
Born In 2006 U12
Born In 2007 U11
Born In 2008 U10
Born In 2009 U9
Born in 2010* U8*


* Younger players are also allowed when league or tournament rules do not exclude them.  

If you are interested in tryout out for Hershey’s NPSL or WPSL minor league teams, please contact coaching director Adam Clay
for further details.

Important Tryout Documents

*2017-2018 updates will be released by prior to first tryout